Piedra Escondida Restaurant

In the main Palapa of the hotel you will find the Piedra Escondida Restaurant, a cozy place with spectacular ocean view and an open terrace on the beach, where we serve breakfast, lunch and dinner. Lunches and dinners at this Tulum beach restaurant offer favorites such as Fettucine alla Marinara, Risotto della Huerta or our famous Mariscada. Our pasta dishes use traditional Italian recipes and authentic Italian ingredients and bring the lively flavors of Italy to this perfect piece of paradise on Tulum beach. With almost 2 dozen dishes of juicy chicken, perfectly cooked steak and enticing fresh seafood, your meal at this restaurant on Tulum beach will delight and please your senses

At our bar you will get the chance to enjoy the most exotic cocktails and listen to great music... the coolest atmosphere in Tulum Sitting on our secluded beach in Tulum with a bottle of fine wine and watching the moonlight take over the beautiful sky and dance on the water in front of you is a breathtaking experience. Come and join us at our beautiful terrace on Tulum beach